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    Some of the most amazing changes and challenges in history have occurred in the last four decades.  Automation and technology have fuled many of the changes and challenges.  These changes have ushered in many challenges in the lives of leaders.  The global marketplace has also experienced tremendous change and challenge.  Leading in the global marketplace has become very difficult.  

    Team member morale in the marketplace is at an all time low.  Trust in the marketplace is at an all time low.  Eighty percent of the global marketplace hate their jobs. HATE!

    Can the marketplace be fixed? Is there a way to equip leaders to become people of influence and create great places to work?  Is there a passageway to understanding great leadership?  YES! YES! YES!

    The Leadership Passage is a marketplace seminar developed by Timothy Lynn Burchfield that invites and instructs leaders of all ages to become great leaders and high performing members of a team.  Some of Tim's thoughts are original and developed through his service as a franchise owner of one of the highest regarded organizations in the world (Chick-fil-A).  Many of the thoughts are compiled from great marketplace influencers over the past four decades.

    2015 was the launch of "The Leadership Passage" marketplace seminars.  This learning has been offered in developing economies around the world in a variety of formats.  2021 is the re-launch of  The Leadership Passage as we have worked through one of the most challenging times in the history of civilization.